"An excellent job of preparing creative meaningful activities and giving everyone a chance to share."

"I loved the poetry,  the activities and exercises to journal in new ways."

"It  very much helped me to find ways to cope with stress"

"Your sensitivity & empathy were ever present and will be a lasting resource for me along with the images we conjured forth as a group...moving eloquent and grounded. Thank you."



Livingwell Workshops are a unique and enjoyable way to address concerns, gain insights and learn copings skills. Typical workshop groups meet once a week for six weeks. Single sessions and retreat programs are also available.
For program options and fees please visit our Program Information page.

Livingwell Workshops are often available at no cost to you through community programming opportunities. Please check our Events & Resources page for a calendar of these programs. 
If your not-for-profit or community organization would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a Livingwell free community program please contact us at (443) 574 - 5907.

Livingwell Workshops include:


Digging Out of the Blue, Boring, Rut: Addressing joy, personal change and growth

Life in the Empty Nest: Rediscovering yourself when your children go off to college
Mid–Life Options: Life isn't quite what you thought it would be – so what do you do? In this workshop we will explore questions that often occur during mid-life.

Please note that all Livingwell programs can be offered for women-only groups.

A Woman Like That: In this workshop series (6 to 12 sessions) we will explore the topics raised in Lambda Award-winning poet Joan Larkin?s book. This memoir offers an intimate collection of coming out essays by artists, writers and activists from a variety of backgrounds. Participants will write about and explore their own stories; lesbian or not. 

Helping women examine and restore self-esteem as they recover  from domestic violence, homelessness, incarceration or other life struggles

Journey: Exploring the process of "coming out" and the resulting life adjustments.  

To Survive and Thrive: Examining resiliency for female survivors of trauma 

Mother/Daughter: Mother and daughter workshops can be designed to address many different issues, including the meaning of womanhood, love and relationships, trauma or goal setting.

Motherwit: Our Spirit, Our Soul: Exploring how to "stay you"  through motherhood and beyond

The Theory of Self Alliance™: This workshop/support group is for women who feel like they are in a battle. The battle may be internal or against family and community – probably all three. This program (12 week minimum) will help you sort things out bringing you through a transition to a place of self understanding and alliance.


If 50 is 40 Then What Am I  Retirement and aging doesn’t necessarily look (or feel) the way it did years ago. In this workshop series we examine the culture of aging and our personal response to our own situations.

I’m Not From Venus Have gender roles gone out the door? In this workshop participants explore gender stereotypes, and ask questions about the possibility of leaving gender conformity behind. 

Stigma and its Brothers The devaluation of people labeled "different" intensely affects individuals and communities. In this discussion group we examine stigma, prejudice and what it means to be "marginal."


Three Moon Spirit: A  workshop for children focusing on character building, social skills and human relation issues (Ages 7- 9)
RISE (Reaching Individual Success & Empowerment): A workshop for adolescent girls to focus on issues of esteem and goal setting


Self Care & Stress Relief: Take time to listen to yourself. Have fun and learn skills to reduce stress, gain insight and build resiliency.

Breathing Write: Quitting is hard. Explore the emotional issues that will help you to maintain a smoke-free life.
Catalyst, Finding the Voice of Your Healthy Self: We know what we're suppose to doto live a life that promotes healthy habits but somehow our heart isn't in it. In the Catalyst workshop, we will address the issues that stand in the way of increased energy, restful sleep and ehanced mood.

A look at issues of love and romance
Single Again: A discussion about being best friends with your self


Reflect, Refuel, Restart: new ways to journal and help yourself through challenging life experiences

Xpression: Writing to discover your creative self
Feeding Your Spirit: a six-hour at home get away for you and up to five of your friends. Through out the course of the day you will participate in activities designed to take you away from thinking, planning and strategizing about everything except the things that make you smile. You will play, listen to music and create - activities that evoke the relaxation response, feed your spirit and help you to be in touch with you.