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"It was wonderful and just what I needed
at this time in my life.
I feel nurtured and heard and challenged to grow."

"It was a very enlightening and a joyful workshop."

"When the homework was to do something nice
for yourself I got a massage
for the 1st time
in a long time!"

"It was extremely relaxing
to use colors
and artistic expression."

"I loved every session!"


the creative way to

stress relief, dialogue & change

Livingwell Transformative Arts workshops are a unique and enjoyable way to address concerns, gain insights and learn coping skills.


Throughout life we encounter times of personal stress e.g., failed relationships, illness, struggles with life direction or work.  Even positive changes - marriage, parenthood, retirement - can cause tension.
Communities also have issues that require dialogue and action. Our place of employment, faith community, or civic organization may be eager to explore topics that are complex or hard to talk about. 

Interactive & Creative
Through creative activities - writing, art, music -  as well as sharing with others, participants discover inner strengths, process feelings and move towards transformation.

Livingwell Workshops utilize literature, story, symbol and other creative forms as the catalyst to promote individual and community growth, development, celebration, and transformation.  Workshops are designed using Transformative Language Arts (TLA), an academic field focused on social and personal transformation through the power of the written, spoken or sung word.

All Ages and Venues
TLA educators work with people of all ages and in many venues, including community centers, prisons, businesses, health centers and hospitals, retreat centers, faith communities and schools.

Workshop Topics

No writing or art experience is necessary. Livingwell Workshops are not about grammar or writing the perfect poem; but about exploring the richness of our individual journey and the power of words to lift, soothe and transform. For program titles and descriptions please visit the Workshop Offerings page.

Issues that can be explored in Livingwell Workshops include:

  • support of a common experience (e.g., divorce, illness, empty nest) 

  • d
iscovery of the everyday sacred

  • addressing societal stigma, injustice

  • affirmation of self

  • relaxation and stress relief

  • race and ethnicity

  • cultivation of creativity

  • personal discovery

  • community building

  • exploration of dreams and ambitions

  • gender and sexual orientation

  • feeling ″stuck″

  • values clarification

  • love and romance

  • cultivating resiliency
To schedule a program contact:

Vanita Leatherwood, M.A., T.L. A.,
Phone: (443) 574 - 5970